Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Roben-Marie Smith

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Please meet Roben-Marie Smith! 

Paperbag Studios


With a degree in Public Relations, Roben-Marie has always pursued her creative interests as a hobby.  About 11 years ago she discovered rubber stamping and traditional scrapping.  Paperbag Studios started as a rubber art stamp company, until about seven months ago when she began to offer digi scrapping supplies.  The birth of her digital designs began when she was online shopping for digi supplies to use on her blog.  She now does this full-time and feels “it’s a blessing to make a business out of a hobby”.

When asked where she gets her inspiration, she stated it comes from her “own photography, from fashion and home decorating magazines”  She describes her style as “shabby and colorful with a touch of grunge”.  Digital papers are her favorite  items to create as they come from her own mixed media work.  Her latest kit, “Quirky Park” is among one of her favorites. 


When she is not designing, she enjoys, reading, weightlifting, cycling and working on her visual art journals.  In addition, she has been on two medical missions to Panama and El Salvador and looks forward to going again.  In addition, she and her husband work with youth and teens in their home through their church.


When I asked Roben-Marie to tell me anything else she would like people to know about her, here was her response:

…”Okay, here are ten random, useless and off-the-wall things about me:

1. I am addicted to Burt's Bees Lip Balm and sleep with one under my pillow so it is close by!

2. I eat oatmeal everyday and sometimes twice!

3. I have to sleep with a fan.

4.  I once rode on a camel.

5.  I read magazines back to front.

6.  I love getting mail...the kind that is delivered by the mail man!

7.  My childhood nick name was Charlie Brown.

8.  I won a creative writing contest in college for a short story I wrote.

9.  I've seen every episode of the X-Files and have numbered copies of the first three comic books in my collection.

10.  I was once a member of the Junior League.”


Want to learn more about Roben-Marie?

Here are the places you will find her:

www.robenmarie.com – This is her blog where you will find links to all of her work and videos

Flickr – Here is where you will find her digital layouts, photography and mixed media work

Twitter – You can follow her and send her a tweet 

Facebook – Roben-Marie loves to hear from like minded people so be sure to give her a shout


When she is not on the internet highway, she can be found in Florida with her hubby of 20 years.

Don’t forget to stop by Paperbag Studios.  You’ll be glad you did!


Thank you, Roben-Marie for the fun and interesting interview!